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benashleybenashley New MemberRegistered Posts: 12

Just wanted to seek any advice with regards to PEAF, I failed this exam this morning. Little confused though as I completed all the tasks found in the Kaplan books who I study with and found them fine and answered around 90% correctly. Passed both mock exams on AAT website and also the mock exam that Kaplan provided with no sweat.

A lot of the questions in the exam were one’s that weren’t covered and I hadn’t seen before which was surprising.

Overall very disappointed as this is one of the smaller units of L2 and something that I feel I should be passing really.


  • Amy SmithAmy Smith Feels At Home EssexRegistered Posts: 54
    Hello benashley!

    I completely understand where you're coming from. I study with Kaplan too and I had followed all their material, easily passed all their practice/mock exams and felt confident I would pass the exam.

    Strangely though, I would estimate that 50% of the actual exam (which i took a few weeks ago now) was focused on the AAT's code of ethics which we hadn't touched on at all in class apart from a simple 'there's a code, you can look at it if you want'. I tried to make educated guesses through the exam until some questions that actually were covered in our syllabus came up and by this time I was sure I would fail.

    Strangely I managed to pass but with no help from Kaplan! I would recommend that you tell a tutor at the college that you failed the exam due to their lack of content in the syllabus, as I have done. I also know for a fact that a lot of people in my class fell into the same trap so don't worry about it. Hopefully Kaplan will change their material.

    Best thing to do now, would be to look more closely into the AAT's guideline to ethics and you should be set. It's unfair though that you should even have to resit :mad2:

    Good luck:001_smile:
    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
  • benashleybenashley New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Hi Amy,

    Ahh at least I’m not on my own then!

    Yeah there was quitea lot on AAT’s code of ethics which like you said wasn’t covered well so I will focus on this for when I book my re-sit.

    Have emailed my tutor/assessor so will see what they come back with. Gutted with the fail though as I wanted to push on and get into the accounting units!

    Thanks for your post :)
  • VleeVlee Well-Known Registered Posts: 136
    I'm studying this using the Kaplan book. I passed all the green lights and mocks last night so I'm now looking to book an exam. However these reports on Kaplan not being good enough are worrying me. Is the subject matter in the actual exam not covered in the Kaplan book? I found some minor bits in the mocks weren't answerable based on the Kaplan book, but only little things like how often you have to renew the notification to the ICO and the fact AAT is an associate member of the IFA for example. But is the whole section of the AAT guidelines not covered sufficiently in Kaplan? Would getting hold of a copy and reading it through be necessary and sufficient to pass?

    The practice questions are pretty easy so it's worrying the real thing is so different. Sorry you have to resist Ben :(
  • benashleybenashley New Member Registered Posts: 12
    I wouldn't worry too much about it, it might well just be me and plenty of others have passed using the Kaplan books I'm sure.

    I'm waiting to hear back from my Assessor as I find it strange that I can get 100% of Green Light, Pass Mock Exams and Practice Questions comfortably but have so many questions that haven't been covered in the actual exam.

    I'm sure that the exam questions are generated randomly so it could be that I was unfortunate on this front? Either way if your passing all of your mocks and answering questions correctly then there's no reason to not be confident :)
  • Amy SmithAmy Smith Feels At Home EssexRegistered Posts: 54
    I would suggest reading through the their code of ethics (you can find it on the website)...

    Like benashley, maybe I was unlucky, but lots of the questions I had were asking me to fill in the blanks 'according to the AAT's code of ethics' which resulted in me struggling and having to guess a few... I specifically remember being asked a question on whether an AAT member could accept a certain kind of payment (ie referral) and I had no idea!

    I'm sure if you know Kaplan's content as well as a brief read through of the AAT's code, you'll be set. Most likely, you'll prepare yourself for any questions about AAT's code and questions on it won't come up, but it's a good idea to cover your bases :001_smile:
    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
  • mentorkeithmentorkeith Feels At Home Registered Posts: 74
    Hi Benashley

    my reply to a previous thread should be useful to you. please click on this link to read it:

  • benashleybenashley New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Thanks mentorkeith, looks like I might need to invest in the Osbourne book!
  • mentorkeithmentorkeith Feels At Home Registered Posts: 74
    Vlee wrote: »
    and the fact AAT is an associate member of the IFA:(

    Hi again Vlee

    Some updated information for future exams. AAT is now a FULL member of IFA (not just an associate member). So if you get a question asking if AAT is a FULL member, the answer is YES!
  • mentorkeithmentorkeith Feels At Home Registered Posts: 74
    benashley wrote: »
    Thanks mentorkeith, looks like I might need to invest in the Osbourne book!

    Hi Ben

    If you are at college, why not check to see if your college has it on their list of books stocked. If not, they might order it in if you can convince them it would be invaluable to them. My college library had just one copy of the book which I borrowed. I asked if they could order more books for my fellow students and explained why. They ordered 2 more books (the latest revised issue) which took about 3 weeks to arrive. Oh, by the way, ensure you ask for the separate activities/questions book also (can't remember what it is actually called) that is great for testing yourself. It has a whole book full of questions/answers that help you to understand ALL the difficult topics.

    If your library doesn't have it, why not try a public library? Why pay out for a book which you will possibly only need for a few weeks if you can get it free.
  • James PattersonJames Patterson Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 281
    Hi Ben,

    I've used osbourne books and they are quite good, tend to cover everything well and the chapter breakdowns are good.

    Maybe with this you need to look at other resources other than your books; green light, e-learning exercise (practice exams all on the AAT website), stuff from college and anything else you can find.

    Just maybe approaching it from a different angle might help :)
  • benashleybenashley New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Thanks for all the comments, I am in full time work and study via distance learning, I'll pop into the local library and see if they have it.

    That's the annoying thing, I passed both mocks on AAT website and was hitting 100% in the Green Light so thought I was well prepared, also passed the Kaplan mock no problem. If I had been getting average results and failed then I could be content with knowing that I didnt try enough but I did everything I could and was very confident going into the exam!
  • James PattersonJames Patterson Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 281
    Ah it happens to a lot of people one time or another, myself included.

    Don't worry about it, just have another crack :)
  • Kelly7Kelly7 Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    I did mind in January and we were given a handout from our teacher which we were told covered it all and half of the stuff wasn't in there, she said she'd included everything she'd been told was needed at a course she'd been on so I don't think thryre making it very clear as to what is needed to know. I think there are some pointless things included too like who sponsors aat, don't see how that will help anyone if we know that answer or not.

    If you have to pay for re sits I would email & express how you feel, I know some people from my college did.

  • coolchancoolchan New Member Registered Posts: 6
    I sat the PEAF exam today and I must say I found it very hard and different from what we have covered and been over in the classes. I must say I was not impressed and I did not pass. How comes some people pass this even though there is stuff that has not been covered? As a leaner how do we know what is likely to come up if we have not covered it before? Can anyone advise me the best solution to pass it second time around. I have a month for my resit and it must be possible to pass it as people do. I would just like to know how and what I need to do to get that ultimate happy result stating competent. I don't care how much by.
  • benashleybenashley New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Got my re-sit on Friday morning, just gone through the books again and done mocks/practice assessments and passing all those comfortably.

    Need to read through the AAT's Code of Ethics although its like 40+ pages long!
  • wabisabiwabisabi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 130
    I've found it helpful to read it in small chunks armed with a pencil (to strike out the repetitive sections of which there are many) and a highlighter (for the important words, phrases, sections). Dry as dust though! Good luck and please keep us posted.
  • benashleybenashley New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Thanks for all the advice people, passed it this morning.

    I would advise doing all of the practice questions and mock exams possible, have a read of the AAT's Code of Ethics and highlight anything that you think is important and memorise them!
  • wabisabiwabisabi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 130
    Well done!
  • j1994j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    Anyone know where i can find 2010 professional ethics assesments?
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