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Hi everyone

I have received a letter today from the aat explaining that the current accounting qualification is changing from AQ2010 to AQ2013, the letter clearly states that if I start my next level before September 2013 I have got until December 2014 to complete which I think will be plenty of time but it doesn't say what is changing, I am due to start level 3 next after I have completed computerised accounts, I am not sure if it will be better to wait until September and learn the new qualification or start early and get it out of the way.

any advice will be welcome.

Thanks Mark


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    I can't tell you as it doesn't affect me so I only have a vague idea of the changes, but there have been lots of threads on this subject over the past few weeks. If you look through the most recent threads I'm sure you'll find most of your queries answered.
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    As nps said, there is a few threads around discussing it. Basically my calculations say, if your self studying the cost would be about the same either way, but there is one less exam on the new format, and one of the exams is project based so potentially harder.
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    Thanks for the advice I will look through the threads later
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    Is this for level 3? If so there are pros and cons, on new style you won't have cash management which I know a lot of people have struggled with but I think ethics is changing into a harder style exam / project on New style. Maybe enquire into the ethics exam and see what that will be like after Sept. Xxx
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    Hi Steve and Kelly

    Thanks for the advice
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