Possible move overseas to SK,help...

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I completed Level 2 last year. This year I was planning to continue on Level 3, but little disappointed cos of rising costs Level 3 and 4 for student over 24. As I've heard those two aren't granted by government any more, only way is to take Loan 24+, which I wouldn't like to take. My college where I studied last year ask for Level 3 £1978(classroom), I found it a bit expensive.
Anyway, what I wanted to ask:
How are those Levels accepted abroad?I know that each Level has its own right and recognition, but is that right? Not sure whether to continue on Level 3, then come home and found out that studying was in vain. Although finance in English is highly accepted. The best way probably is to have all Levels.Has anyone ever been in same position??
Any help appreciated.
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