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Self studying Level 2

cathcath Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

Just a couple of questions regarding self studying Level 2 of AAT.

I initially intended to start studying and subsequently taking exams almost a year ago, however circumstances prevented this from happening. I bought the Osborne books (tutorials and workbooks) at the same time but now see that there are new books for sale for the 2013 syllabus. My first question is will I be able to study for the new syllabus using the old 2010 books - has that much changed?

My second query relates to AAT membership. Do I need to register before booking exams as an external candidate, or do I book my exam first then register with AAT giving them details of my training provider?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    Hi Cath,

    1. Can't give you a definitive answer - having had a quick look at the new syllabus the content looks more or less the same, so if you're comfortable with BA1 and 2 books I wouldn't have thought you'd struggle with whatever they've called the equivalent modules now - may be some crossover between the two. Level 2 is very straightforward once you've got your head around debits and credits; personally I'd use the books and then cross-reference to new mock exams to make sure you've covered everything.

    2. You'll need to register with AAT to get your membership number before you can book exams.
  • steve2008steve2008 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 89
    With regards to registering with AAT. They ask for your training providers name. Just put in the location you expect to take the exams, if you decide to take an exam somewhere else you just need to let aat know before hand.
  • VleeVlee Well-Known Registered Posts: 136
    I imagine there is little change but if you find a more recent text in a library or even a quick peak in a book shop it may be helpful. It is a real foundation for the later levels, well BA1 and 2 mostly.

    You do have to register before booking an exam as you need to tell the exam centre your reg number. AAT will tell you your local exam centres who you can then call to find out whether they suit your needs and then register with that centre. You probably will need a provider for the computerised accounting so could use this initially and change if you opt for a different provider for other exams.

    One thing you can bear in mind, especially if money saving is desirable, L2 is optional. You could self study L2 until you are happy that you could pass the exams - lots of practice tests on MyAAT once you register - and then move on to L3. This will also mean any slight changes to the syllabus won't be an issue. I used the Osbourne books and they've given me a great basis to move on to L3.

    See how you get on with BA1 and 2, BC and WEAF are much easier and instead of CA you could do a sage home course for about £100 - although you would be best doing this nearer to the time you want to start applying for work, unless you as already in the field and don't need it. This also means you don't need to register until you are ready to take your first L3 exam. This is how I did it (still to do the sage bit) and I know others have done the same, so there is plenty of support here if you need it.
  • cathcath Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks everyone for your replies, the advice is much appreciated.

    I'm hoping to get stuck in within the next week or so once work has quietened down a bit with a view to booking my BA1 exam in November.
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