Studying from Overseas... Studygroup?

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Im studying Level 2 and Level 3 from the Netrherlands. This is the first time I have done distance learning and I must admit I am finding it quite hard.

I wish I had someone I could discuss my studies with but theres only so many times you can ask your mate who you dont really know that well but you know is an accountant!

It would be great if I could get together a study group to discuss things. If I could find some other people who need some support and help we could arrange a time each week to skype as a group and discuss things.

I am currently revising for my Basic Accounting I and II exam so if people are at the same level as me that would be brilliant.

Does anyone like the sound of that?

Is anyone else studying from overseas?

Speak soon


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    Hi Chris,

    I'm based in the UK and am currently studying Level 2 as a distance learner, hopefully progressing to Level 3 once I've completed 2. Be nice to chat things over with someone, could give you my email address / skype name? I've recently passed my BA I & II exams, and have started Basic Costing. I work in a finance department, but am on maternity leave at the moment.


  • CWognumCWognum New Member Posts: 6Registered
    Hey Jemma,

    Thats great to hear. I have booked my test for BA I and II but it is not until November so I have started Basic costing now as well. Yeah I would love to talk. You can give me some tips since you are a bit further along than me!!!

    I will find out what my skype name is when I get home and then let you know.

    Hope your studies are going well.

    All the best
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