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1 last exam outstanding

SaRa1SaRa1 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1

I enrolled to do AAT level 2 with a local college. I have passed all exams sat but have 1 left to sit due to a prolonged illness. My membership is due to renewal on 1st November.

I have not heard back yet from the college if and when I can sit the exam I still need to pass to get my level 2 certificate. I am a bit anxious, so thought I'd post on here and you guys could help.

Will I be able to still sit the outstanding exams before 1st November or will I have to renew my membership to do so?




  • steve2008steve2008 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 89
    If your college is not helping you could book the exam as an external student at a different exam center. It would cost you in the region of £55-£60 though.
    There are centers which only require around 1 weeks notice to book an exam so you could have it completed before the beginning of November.
    The list of exam centers is available in MyAAT.

    Note: The above advice is not appropriate if it is the computerised accounting module.
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