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Computerised Accounting exam

I'm hoping to do the Computerised Accounting exam before the end of the year, but as I'm doing self study I don't actually have access to a Sage package to practise on. I've been going through the workbook and watching the tutorials online and the layout of it does seem fairly simple. I'm wondering if it's worth the cost of buying a copy of the software to practise on or if I'd have enough spare time in the exam to feel my way around the layout before actually trying the questions. Is it feasible to bluff your way through the exam like that? Seeming as it's costing extra to do the exam I'd really rather not have to do it more than once!

Any feedback would be appreciated!



  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    In your position I would probably buy the package off a distance supplier (Kaplan or BPP etc). I did this for spreadsheets as the marking is done manually by the provider (I don't know if this applies to CBA) so I couldn't do it self study. It's more expensive but worth it to get the proper package as used in the exam and you'll have tutor support if needed. I didn't do L2, studied it but didn't sit the exams, but I do plan to do the Sage course at sometime using the home study course, this used to be valid instead of sitting the exam but isn't anymore. I wouldn't risk picking the wrong package but wouldn't risk not actually using the software either.
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