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Online Providers

Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend which online aat provider they find is the best. I have been ringing around for quotes and was getting around the £1,100 to £1,300 which includes all exam and aat fees. But then I have been quoted just £748 from LSBF which seems to be so much less. They confirm it includes the exam fees and some of the aat fees (1 year membership and admission). Am I missing something that could be a hidden cost?


  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Do you have a link to the lsbf aat programme? I couldn't find it myself. I would be wary about promises made and see if you can get it all in writing first. If you are doing level two now I would recommend having a go at self study if costs are a concern. You may find it easier than you thought. There are people who self study up to level 4 and beyond. It's not much different to a distance provider, buy the right books, some will have online access codes in the books and you can ask on here or other accounting forums for advice rather than the tutor service. I didn't bother sitting L2 but did study it before going on to L3. The basic accounting modules (double entry bookkeeping) are the hardest at L2 so you could buy a secondhand copy off ebay and see if you can manage it.
  • VCOBrienVCOBrien Registered Posts: 4
    They do their online through interactive- http://enrol.studyinteractive.org/aat. I have had an email from them stating as follows;
    - LSBF provides tuition for AAT Online Tuition Level 2 and AAT Online Tuition Level 3. AAT study options are available from £112 per exam and are listed below:
    AAT Online Tuition Level 2 (from £112 - £220 per exam, whole level at £748):
    · Watch HD quality tuition videos on PC, Tablet, Smartphone
    · Pre-recorded tuition videos with lecture notes
    · Pass First Time Guarantee
    · Global Live Online Q&A Sessions
    · Study text and revision kit
    · Tutor Marked Practice Assessment with Video debrief
    · Dedicated tutor support
    · Online community of students and mentors
    · Introduction videos from course tutors
    · Course library & related articles
    · Tailor-made study plan
    + Sage Instant Accounts software
    + Exam booking service
    + One year's student membership with the AAT
    + Annual AAT admission fee
    + Exam fees

    So it seems to cover everything but just confused why it is so much cheaper than other places and makes me wonder if something isn't covered and if I decide to go with them I will then have more costs coming up.
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    The only thing I can think of is that the study materials could be online only so you won't have hard copy books. It's worth checking as you may prefer proper books or have a preferred style in one of the main publishers. The exams are about £50 each and books vary but £30 is about expected if it's a separate study and workbook. Shame they don't do L4.
  • VCOBrienVCOBrien Registered Posts: 4
    Thanks I will check with them on that. So if I was to do it on my own would I just get all the books for level 2 then join the AAT when I like (or do you have to be a member for a certain amount of time before you sit your first exam) then just contact an exam centre when I'm ready to do each of the 5 exams?
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Yes, I just got the books and studied it until I was sure I was able, although I didn't actually sit the L2 exams so joined to sit my first L3 exams. When you join AAT you do need to select a provider, this will be where you expect to sit the exams. You probably need a provider for computerised accounting, same with spreadsheets at L3. Joining AAT does give access to a few more resources for learning and testing your knowledge. Practice is really key to getting these concepts really clear in your mind. Books with lots of practice questions are helpful and there are some online resources too. You are probably safe to get books from ebay for most modules, it's more important to have recent books for topic which are likely to have changes, like regulations or taxation amounts etc. I suspect L2 is mostly safe as it's mostly about learning the concepts and skills. L3 is similar and I've used second hand books throughout, the ethics and VAT modules are most likely to have changes but the VAT changes are just the amounts and these are easily found online and then included in the exam as a reference sheet.
  • VCOBrienVCOBrien Registered Posts: 4
    thanks very much for all your information :)
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