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Green Light tests

RosieCarlisleRosieCarlisle Greater ManchesterRegistered Posts: 60
How are people doing with them? I find them pretty tough! Even more so than the actual practice assessments. What have people scored for them, percent wise? :)


  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I found them tougher than the exam questions too. I think it's because they phrase the questions differently and working through them does help cement the concept but they take a bit of time to get your head around. I think some try to catch you out.
  • RosieCarlisleRosieCarlisle Greater ManchesterRegistered Posts: 60
    Exactly! I'm trying them quite a lot though, I think it's helpful to be tested in a harder/different way.
  • Stav182Stav182 Registered Posts: 2
    Also finding them quite tricky although worked my way up to the 80% mark and have my first exam next week (Basic Costing Level 2) so will hopefully do ok. Do you know by chance if the Sample Assessment is the same structure as the live Test, i.e. 17 parts/multiple choice?

  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    The tests are usual very similar to the practice assessments. I haven't done that exam but the ones I have done were almost identical in layout. However I have heard people who have been caught out by a change in format and this is why you need to really know the syllabus and why thinking about it in a topsy turvy way, like the green lights and sometimes the practice questions in the text books which are harder than the practice assessments. In my ethics exam I had a couple of questions that I couldn't answer even after the exam by reading the code and googling. But even with one or two impossible questions you should pass if you know the techniques and rational really well. Basic costing is a good foundation for doing Costs and Revenues at L3. Good luck.
  • RosieCarlisleRosieCarlisle Greater ManchesterRegistered Posts: 60
    edited October 2014
    I retried the three Green Light tests earlier for PBKT (my first section), and finally managed to get 100% on all! Takes work, though. :) Hopefully I do okay in my exam on Wednesday...
  • Stav182Stav182 Registered Posts: 2
    Cheers Ariadne for the above information. Valid point on learning all 3 methods, text book, green light + assessments, hopefully that'll cover all styles of questions which will come up on the day! Good luck with your exam on Wednesday Rosie, sounds like you're going to do fine :smile: . Cheers all.
  • RosieCarlisleRosieCarlisle Greater ManchesterRegistered Posts: 60
    Thanks, good luck with yours too!
  • j1994j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    Can someone help me with aat assesment 1 2013 pbkt :neutral_face:
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