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Cashbooks and Daybooks


I need help understanding cashbooks and Daybooks I have a brief idea but I took the green light test on the AAT website and I got 70%, I also repeated it and got the same result.

Also I never know when vat goes in to a certain account such as the purchase ledger or the purchases account, I know one of them is the net price ( I think) but just simple stuff like this I can't figure out

Pleas Help

Thank you :/


  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    What's the pass rate for the level 2 exams?
  • Patricia_BabingtonPatricia_Babington Registered Posts: 1
    If you think that your double entry must balance first of all. So the net and the vat go to one side while the gross goes to the other.
    Then if we think about supplier invoices. If we receive an invoice for £100 plus £20 vat the gross is £120. This means that we owe the supplier the full £120. As I owe it, it is a liability therefore we credit the account.
    I also need to update the purchase ledger (this is where all of the individual supplier accounts are kept) with the total amount I owe to the supplier so I can see the balance on the individual supplier account.
    The £100 is the net cost of the purchase, we have increased purchases, so debit.
    To make our double entry balance we must have to debit the £20 vat to the vat account.
    Does that help?
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    Yeh it did help but, could you tell me when do I add vat to an account suchas the sales ledger doesn't include vat but the sales account foes, right?

    If not is there a way of remembering this

    Just bit confused :(

    Thank you
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    Do you have anymore of your download link for other sections, they are very good
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    I assume there's a typo in your post...

    Sales are a debit to both the individual customer account and the sales ledger control account.

    Sales ledger control should be the sum of all individual customer accounts added together.

    Individual customer accounts are not part of double entry.

    A credit sale = dr Sales Ledger Control, cr Sales (in the income statement) and VAT
    Sales return is the opposite.
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    what type of questions are in the exam? are they like the practice tests

  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    I done a practice assessment and completed the test but never got the results. Do you know why?
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    ok i will try it again :)
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    edited December 2014
    hi, i'm stuck on this question have no clue what to do, i've done part (a)
    Question (a)
    balance b/f-----------------------2312------------------------------------
    mendip----------------- 378---------63------------------------315-------
    bebe and co----38------------726-----------726----------------------
    Total ---------88------378--4988--63------2676 -----------315-------

    (b) the debit side of thee cashbook shows the cash balance brought forward at the beginning of the week was £200 and further £319 has been received during the week

    using your answer from (a), calculate the cash balances

    the answer is 141 but i don't know how?!?!

    the debit side of the cashbook shows the total amount of money bank during the week £1964
    (c) using your answers in (a) calculate the bank balance. if your calculations shows that the bank balance is overdrawn, your answer should start with a minus

    answer -3024


    please help, thanks
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    Its the question on the aat website

    i wrote it out, when i was doing it, it looked fine but looking at it now

    it messed up ill try and edit it to make it easier to understand

    its the practice question were you only get two hours to complete it, dont need the answers now, its only practice, if you could try in the evening that would be great :)

    thank you Shamil91
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    its really hard to show you the table.

    total 88

    total 378

    total 4988

    total 63

    trade payable
    total 2676

    cash purchases
    total 315

    that's it separated hopefully you can see what i was trying to do with the table

  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    ohhhh.... sorry


  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    i done the test again, i clicked finish and then it closed down the tab and didnt get a result :( not sure whats happening

    i has the answers page up as i was going along, the only ones i got wrong and couldn't figure out was the two i posted

    i posted this part again on a new post so it more clear to understand for other people

  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    its annoying because it takes long time to do and you dont get no feedback, unless im being dumb and missing something
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