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Help with books required for BPP level 2

I recently bought several second hand BPP books with the intention to self study at home as money is really tight at the moment.

I have the Basic Costing Question Bank AQ2013 and have been looking on ebay for the Text book but have only seen AQ2012. Will the AQ2012 Text work with the AQ2013 Question Bank?

I have both Text and Question Bank for Processing Bookkeeping Transactions and it would seem, on scanning them briefly, that the Text books give tuition and the Question Bank cements understanding - is this correct?

Thank you


  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Yes for BPP you'll have a textbook for the tuition and a question book for practice, you don't need the question book but it's helpful, there are plenty of practice questions and exercises on MyAAT anyway. Kaplan do a combined text/workbook but it's not a huge amount more than just a BPP text book. At L2 most of the syllabus will be unchanged and 2012 should be fine. Just check where there are changes, I think WEAF is different and at L3 Ethics with a teeny change I noticed in Costs and Revenues. There are full syllabus outlines on MyAAT and you can research any new bits missing from your book online or ask on here.

    If money is really tight and you find L2 easy then you can skip the exams at L2. You can start L3 without doing L2 and you'll also miss out on paying for the Computerised Accounting module - you need to buy it off a provider, same with spreadsheets at L3 but spreadsheets seems cheaper. This was how I did things and with secondhand books. The only issue I had was the VAT module as the book was older it had VAT at 17.5% and the thresholds for registering were different, but these details are given in the exam and available online while you study, the principles remain the same.
  • new101new101 Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I did RSA level 3 years ago which is apparently equal to aat level 2 so I really just want to refresh my memory before starting level 3. Didn't want to pay for exams I don't need. Your response has really helped clarify what I need to work through. Thanks
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