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Want to start AAT Level 2 in JAN 2015


I wanted to gain some advise regarding the AAT Level 2 course.

I wanted cut costs and learn from home so i bought the text off ebay. Somebody has now informed me that i need to enroll with a learning provider in order to take the exam is this true?

Any advise will be welcomed!



  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    No, you can take most of the course without a provider. However you will need a provider for Computerised Accounting (Sage) which is quite expensive and potentially for WEAF - have a Google around for advice on this as the module has changed to a project type exam I think. If money is really tight you do not need to sit any L2 exams, although I would see how easy you find it first before deciding, if you breeze through it and feel confident to progress to L3 then go ahead, but if you struggle the exams may be useful to prepare you for the next step up. If you did skip the exams you wouldn't need to study for the computerised accounting or WEAF modules, although WEAF is worth a look if you lack work experience in office environments. Sage can be picked up at a later date more cheaply or even within the workplace. You can also use practice questions and tests on MyAAT, once you join AAT, to check whether you would pass a real exam.

    Start off with the basic accounting modules - they've been renamed but include the double entry and basic accounting documents and records - this is the hardest stuff and you need a good grasp of it to move on to L3 Accounting Prep modules. Basic costing helps with costs and revenues at L3 but isn't as essential as it's all taught again, well it did in my textbook. At L3 it is the spreadsheets module that requires a provider - just buy these modules as a distance student for about £130 which includes the books, tutor support and marking of the exam, the exam fee is extra.

    Lots of people will tell you self study isn't possible, including AAT, but there are lots of people who have done it just fine. It saves a lot of money but it's still not cheap.
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Ps you may need to nominate a provider when you join AAT - just find the exam centre you'd like to use and give that as your provider.
  • Poppy_ddPoppy_dd Registered Posts: 12
    I've just also started level 2. Same as you, I got the books from ebay and aim to study from home without a provider.

    From what I've read on here, quite a few people have passed their level 2 exam without any problem but they do recommend that you should have a provider at level 3 and level 4 and it does get harder.
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I didn't have a provider at L3 and would recommend trying it if you find L2 easy. I'm also doing L4 alone alongside ACCA papers which are very similar. You can always get a provider if you find it hard, or just for particular modules. I was surprised how doable L3 self study was as the books and MyAAT questions are more than enough to prepare for the exams. I also did it much quicker than if I gone via college because of the flexibility of self study. But it is harder to keep motivated.
  • gez1gez1 Registered Posts: 2
    Does any1 have there old books as i would be very interested in buying them to study level 2 and 3.
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