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Which module next

ALLENALLEN Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
Dear All

I have been studying pbkt and don't feel ready for the exam . should i pass this exam before moving onto next modules and which next ?



  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Make sure you really get this module because you need to understand it to also pass the control acc... module. It's not even worth scraping a pass first as it will all be presumed knowledge at L3.

    Keep at it and go back through the book and do all the examples you can find, buy another book if you don't find the current one useful - a cheap one off ebay is fine as the concepts haven't changed (although there was something about settlement discount and VAT supposedly changing soon - making it easier fortunately). Use all the MyAAT resources and see if there are other websites with explanations. There are videos on YouTube too. You may find it easier to understand if you get a bit ahead and read about financial statements - this helped me to see which side to enter transactions - assets and liabilities accounts go onto a statement of financial position and are debits and credits respectively. Expenses and income accounts go onto the income statement (or profit or loss) and are debits and credits respectively. An opposite entry reduces the amount of whichever account. If you have a tutor or other accounting expert then get them to explain it as a whole, L2 is just instruction on what you do but not why and this can make it harder to learn. It's a tricky concept but you can do it with practice, don't waste time and money on exams until you know you will pass.
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