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Self Studying

Hi, Guys.

I'm thinking of studying for the level 2 qualification, and was wondering if you'd recommend using an online training provider, or if I could achieve the same results with self studying?

Thanks for any help in advance! :)


  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 782
    Many of us here self studied all 3 levels of AAT so it's perfectly possible. Just buy the books and give it a try, if you find its not for you, then you can look at other options (you can often find the books second hand too, just be careful in case of syllabus changes from one year to the next). There are 1 or 2 modules that need a tuition provider in order for the work to be marked, but you can just book exams at any AAT centre as an external candidate for all the others.

    You may find that you choose to not sit the level 2 exams to save money, and only actually sit the exams from level 3 onwards (levels 3 & 4 are required for the full qualification).

    All of the above was certainly true a couple of years ago but I know there have been changes since then but I'm sure someone who has gone through the process more recently will be able to confirm or correct.
  • GrahamSGrahamS Registered Posts: 3
    Thanks, Nps! That's really useful to know. I think not coming from any sort of accounting background I'll sit the level 2 exams, just to give myself a good grounding in the subject, and to know I'm on the right track. But thanks for the reply. :) Looking at the prices of some of the books I'll definitely listen to your advice about second hand books though!
  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 782
    I had zero accounting knowledge but read the level 2 books and I felt that I had nothing to gain by sitting the exams. A lot of it will depend on your background/age/previous qualifications etc. Some of it is very very basic, yet a lot of it sets out the basic foundations for double entry so is essential to understand, I just felt it wasn't worth my time or money to sit the exams. There's nothing to stop you buying the books and then deciding later on, you just need to register with the AAT prior to your first exam.
  • GrahamSGrahamS Registered Posts: 3
    Ok, thanks again, Nps! I'll pick up the first few books, and start working through them then make a decision. I'm currently a deputy manager for a supermarket, so theres some cash handling and accountancy involved, but I'll definitely need a fresh start with all this. Thanks again.
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