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PBKT Practice exams

Hello everyone,

Does anybody know how to find the practice exams in the AAT website? Thank a lot!!


  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    you have to log into the aat website

    go to MyAAT

    Click search by learning area

  • IreneIrene Registered Posts: 3
    Are sample assessments are practice exams? But i was asked to fill my keycode when i was trying to view the sample assessments? where can i get the keycode? And what is green light test? Confused. So many questions. Thanks so much!
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    yes, the sample assessments are the exams

    don't worry about the keycode just click next

    the green light test are 10 questions about the test your going to take, the green light test is harder than the sample assessments and at the end you get a score out of 100% as well show you what you got right and wrong unlike the sample assessments which just say competent, not sure what it says when you fail but the sample assessments are similar to the real exam

    you might need to go in full screen when taking the sample assessments as you cant see the next button (shift + f11) also you have to do the test in 2 hours
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62
    you can see the answers for the sample assessments

    you have to download a file to open it

    its just under the sample assessment, its called PBKT Answers 1 (Word)
  • IreneIrene Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you! Great answer, very helpful!
    Many thanks!
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