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Level 2 books for self study

Hi all. I will be starting AAT level 2 in the future. In the meantime I want to start self-studying in my spare time. I've looked at training providers and will probably sign up with Kaplan or BPP. Because of this I don't see the point in buying Kaplan or BPP books because I'll get them when I sign up with one of them. So I was wondering if anyone here has any experience using the Osbourne books? The covers are usually yellow and the authors range from David Cox, Michael Fardon and Aubrey Penning. Would they be useful books to prepare me for when I start the AAT? Thanks.


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645

    I would question whether you need a training provider, at least for level 2 - if you search the forums there are several threads highlighting that self-study is perfectly possible, from NPS and Ariadne among others. I had a provider for levels 3 and 4 (as work paid for it) but didn't use the tutor support at all. I would buy the books and make a decision after you've read through them, especially if you are considering the 'premium' training providers (Kaplan/BPP).

    This is assuming you're distance learning of course...
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