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Progression From AAT Level 2

nicole0709nicole0709 Registered Posts: 5
I wondered if anybody could help me please!! Im Currently Studying AAT Level 2 ( Hoping to progress onto Level 3 in September) Im really Confused as to what level/qualification is the right path to take? My career plan is to become a qualified accountant and possibly in the late future a chartered accountant.. There is so many different routes i can take ( Qualifications... Etc ) but im just not sure which would benefit me the most in the career i wish to progress in.. Thank You in advance


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    Hi Nicole,

    You would have to tell us a little more about what you ultimately want to do for us to be able to offer an opinion...do you want to work in practice or industry? Employed or self-employed? Any particular areas that interest you? etc etc

    AAT offers an excellent grounding for most areas of finance, with subsequent qualifications being more dependent on what field you want to specialise in.
  • nicole0709nicole0709 Registered Posts: 5
    Hi ceejay.

    I would prefer to work in practice been employed and then maybe progress to been self employed in the future.. My future aim is to a chartered accountant.. But I would love to gain work experience and knowledge before I progress onto the chartered side..

    I'm struggling to find help from my learning provider that's why I've turned to this forum for help
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    In practice the most relevant qualifications are usually ACA or ACCA, unless you want to really specialise in a specific area from the off (CTA for tax being the obvious one).

    Following AAT to level 4 will give you a better grounding than many of the graduates who go straight onto the chartered courses will have; and will also give you some exemptions from the earlier exams.

    In my area at least practices are keen to take on apprentices for AAT to get work experience whilst studying, then progress on to chartered. Of course this will depend on your personal circumstances, as wages are low and apprenticeships only open to younger people. However it is entirely possible to get a trainee job whilst studying AAT regardless of age, though the difficulty in this seems to depend on where you live; many people have reported having to get voluntary experience before they find a permanent position. Depending on your situation you may want to start looking for this early on so that when you come to apply for practice jobs you already have something for your CV. Plenty of posts on this topic, so have a search around.
  • FayeTFayeT Registered Posts: 6
    I just thought I would comment there are no age restrictions on apprenticeships at this present time. I'm 46 and just starting Level 2 under the apprenticeship scheme. As are 3 other 'older' people on my course.
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