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Is it possible to learn through workbooks alone and just book in for exams?

MrsRGMrsRG LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 3
I am looking to study level 2 and had a few prices and was thinking of going with Kaplan. However since reading a few discussions on here I have seen some people have taught themselves and then just booked in for the exams? Is this possible? Could I just buy all the study material online and teach myself and just book in for each exam? I am aware of all the modules but how are you tested? Is it just an exam after each module?
I currently work in business banking and have some basic knowledge but thought I best start at level 2 as I am not completely confident with some accountancy basics and I don't want to rush in at a level which it too high.

Sorry for all the questions, appreciate any feedback.


  • ChristianBChristianB AAT Online Community Coordinator Registered Posts: 201
    Hi @MrsRG

    It's certainly possible. You'd have to sit your assessments as an external candidate at an assessment centre, which you can find here.

    You would have to pay for each sitting, and the decision would be up to you as to when you're ready to do this.

    The only exception to this rule is that you'd need to have a tutor for one module of Level 2, that being Computerised accounting. This is a project that requires marking by a real person (as opposed to the other units where are all marked there and then by the computer). Think of it as coursework.

    Many training providers accept external candidates for these one-off modules, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a tutor.

    You'd have to register with AAT as a student in order to be eligible to sit assessments.

    I must say, we generally don't encourage self-study as we think it's better to go with a training provider. Have you considered distance learning? This would let you learn with a training provider in your own time from the comfort of your own home, without having to find assessment centres/tutors yourself. It might be worth considering?

    Food for thought! Best of luck with whatever you decide doing.

    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support: https://www.aat.org.uk/contact-us
  • MrsRGMrsRG LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 3
    Hi, thanks for the info. I think I will give level 2 a try self study and then assess whether I would benefit from a training provider for level 3.
  • Donna CurlingDonna Curling Feels At Home RingwoodRegistered Posts: 59
    edited March 2015
    definitely possibly for level 2 - I do have discount for the publishers books if you do want to buy them outside of a training centre - contact me if you do. I also have a self study moodle if you want to go down that route - no need for books with that. You just need to sit an exam at an external exam centre, lots around as listed on AAT website - we have TAACS in Dorset and Accounts and Finance in Woking if near you at all. You may have to pay a registration fee but not usually too much. Good luck with your study
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
  • AllisonMAllisonM Registered Posts: 1
    I really want to study for book keeping/accounts, I don't know what to do, the information just turns me round in circles :) I would love some input, I have been working on Sageline 50 for the last 19 months without any problems (or qualifications) so am not a complete novice but at the grand age of 49 have just been made redundant, I thought a qualification might help me !!! please feel free to comment ( I need to work though and don't have a lot in the bank). Many thanks
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    @AllisonM sorry you have been made redundant. I'm sure you are job hunting already, some jobs will pay for your learning through AAT or gaining AAT could help get a job or lead to self employment. If you already have a good understanding of double entry you could start at L3, otherwise L2 is perfect to start without any prior knowledge. The skills check may help


    If you are keen to save money you can study from the books. The modules are listed here for L2 and the books are titled by module name (under What you'll learn). You can buy off ebay etc to keep costs down but ensure the books aren't too old so they are current (same for L3)


    Computerised accounting is the sage stuff but you will need to find a provider who will mark this or buy the module as a distance learner - there are loads of providers so shop around online or ask here if needed. The exam centres can be booked for external students and cost around £50 each. Kaplan are good for availablity and locations.

    You'll need to join AAT before taking your first exam, this is over £100. This also gives you access to practice tests and other resources to help prepare for the exams. L2 is thought to be similar to GCSE level so it's not difficult and the maths is quite basic.

    If you are very motivated and have the time you could get through L2 within a couple of months. It will be a good background for all the sage work you have done and will give you a certificate for a qualification covering bookkeeping and sage.

    If you look at distance providers remember their costs often don't include exam fees and sometimes don't include printed resources which is good or bad depending on your learning style.

    If you have any questions along the way then just ask again - it is possible to do this cheaply even if AAT or providers advise otherwise. Another option is to skip taking the L2 exams once studied, I did this and saved £250 at least.
  • Donna CurlingDonna Curling Feels At Home RingwoodRegistered Posts: 59
    sound advise given, I have seen people skip level 2 and go straight onto level 3 - advised they had enough experience and it is surprising how many area's they have found difficult - good advise to study it anyway via books even if you do not sit exams.
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
  • StrokateStrokate Registered Posts: 4
    Hello! Could you help me, please.
    Which "Training provider" should I choose, when I register for Level 2 membership if I am going to study without provider?
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