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Want to start AAT Level 2 and 3

I was wondering what is the best, direct way to do these?
like enroll with a training provider or not? just want to get a feel what I should do- I want to start studying level 2 and 3 and then progress further from this (thinking of career change). What is the simplest way, and also cost effective way? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!!


  • AGI2015AGI2015 Registered Posts: 45
    First register with AAT as a student ( cost for membership is £86 per one year, first registration is around £100-120 ). Than you need to find the training provider or I I would highly recommend to book only an exams once you are prepared, and complete level 2 as a home learning student. ( level is very easy . You don't have to spent £1200 for course, when you can do this for 500-600 .

    the cost of books is around 30 (ebay) , or new 100 ( exp. Kaplan , BPP ) . If you go for it I have still my books and I can sell them, just let me know:)
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    I saw your message on this so thought I'd answer here, perhaps a sticky post explaining self study could be added to the forums longer term as it's a common query.

    The way I have done it and am continuing to do it has been partly for cost effectiveness and ease, it's not for everyone however. I'm half way through my first L4 module for info.

    Each Level has a number of modules. The books are titled the same as the module, although there are some changed from 2013 so beware of this if buying books on ebay. Many modules are fairly unchanged so you can often buy older, cheaper books secondhand, but newer the better if possible. Any changes or gaps should be picked up with thorough reading and use of the resources AAT provides to their members - full syllabus breakdowns, feedback on past exam performance and practice tests and questions. The three main book publishers are Osbourne, BPP and Kaplan - I've used all and they all were good enough to pass but they can vary with each module. Try different ones in the early stages to see which suits. Extra question books are helpful, especially for modules where practice is important or you find it more difficult. Some modules may be easier and you won't need extra questions.

    For Level 2 I studied the books and practiced the questions but didn't take the exams. I didn't bother with computer based accounting as I would like to do that nearer to the time I'm applying for jobs, so it's still fresh in my head. I didn't join AAT until I wanted to book my first exam, saved money but didn't get access to the very useful resources online until then. When you join you need to tell them which exam centre you will use, this is in place of your provider.

    L3 can be self studied and exams taken as an external student except for Spreadsheets. I bought this as a distance course from Kapla for about £130 - doesn't include the exam fee but does include the marking fee. The books are included along with tutor support and some online resources. Ethics has changed for L3 but I am under the impression you can do this as an external student but it is marked by people as opposed to computer so there is a wait for results. Some people have reported finding it tough to pass without tutor support as there are written answers. If you find it tough you can buy the module as a distance student again.

    At L4 it's only the project which needs a provider. I'm trying to study AAT L4 modules alongside the equivalent ACCA modules (I may not take the AAT exams to save money and effort - no project or need for a provider and no six week wait for results for the three first ACCA papers).

    I had a couple of breaks during my study but you can get through L2/3 very quickly if you have the time and motivation, six months isn't unrealistic especially without taking L2 exams as waiting for exam slots did slow my progress. But don't book exams until you are confident of a pass!
  • seeteeseetee Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you all so much for all the advice- definitely getting to know more about how I should go about it. Finally decided for level 2 to join the training provider eagle- to get motivated, get through basics and get a good foundation of understanding. Definitely will think about self studying level 3. Yeah I will definitely only book exams when I am confident :) thanks again, and good luck with studying and exams :)
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