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Self Studying

I'm currently looking into self studying AAT Level 2 after weighing up costs and what not. I'm looking into buying all the books from Osborne.

I'm hoping to complete this by September so I can then enroll onto level 3 with a college, is this a realistic target whilst working full time? Also, what exams do I need the training provider for?

Thanks for any help!


  • ChristianBChristianB AAT Online Community Coordinator Registered Posts: 201
    Hi @GarinJ

    You'd need to have a tutor for one module of Level 2, that being Computerised accounting. This is a project that requires marking by a real person (as opposed to the other units where are all marked there and then by the computer). Think of it as coursework.

    Many colleges and training providers that offer AAT accept external candidates for these one-off modules, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a tutor.

    You'd have to sit your all of your assessments as an external candidate at an AAT assessment centre.

    You would have to pay for each sitting, and the decision would be up to you as to when you're ready to do this.

    It's certainly possible to complete Level 2 by September if you started today, but it would depend greatly on your own time-management skills, especially if you work full-time. This AAT member completed all three levels in eight months via distance learning, whilst working a 45 hour week. It all depends on the person.

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  • GarinJGarinJ Registered Posts: 3
    Wow 8 months to do the full AAT is pretty incredible!

    Would I also need to purchase a copy of SAGE? Do I need SAGE for all parts of Level 2 or could I hold off the purchase until I decide to revise/learn the specific exam?

  • AnhInglestonAnhIngleston Registered Posts: 6
    Hello GarinJ,
    Have you started your self-studying yet? How is it going so far? I am learning about AAT and considering self-study AAT level 2 as well. But i don't know how to get the books and materials and also tutor for computerized accounting.
    It would be nice and very helpful to hear from you but i am sorry if my writing bothers you.

  • richfrichf Just Joined Registered Posts: 86
    I did my level 2 in 5months so the time frame is ok, and I had no experience of accounts when I started. I did study mine as a taught course though.

    I think you can do the AAT book keeping course, where you study less modules basically, then do level 3...... might be worth looking into, I'm not sure which modules are missed.
  • GarinJGarinJ Registered Posts: 3
    @richf Thanks for your info. I've gone ahead and ordered two sets of books to start me off. Will see how they go!

    @AnhIngleston No problem for asking. I've not actually started yet. I'm waiting on the books to be delivered and I'll dive straight in. I've decided on self studying as it's cheaper and more viable for me due to full time working commitments and what not. If I get stuck with anything I have a few friends who have done AAT who can help, but I imagine Level 2 will be fine to do by yourself, as I hope it will be for me as well!

    As for the computerised accounting, I am going to leave that until my final exam as I'll have to go through Kaplan so I can use them as a training provider. Good lucky and I hope you start it soon!
  • fulltimemummyfulltimemummy Registered Posts: 2
    @GarinJ @AnhIngleston Hi dears I am also doing AAT level 2 self study. I bout second hand books and finished 3 papers within 2 months (BCST,CJBS,PBKT). These are pretty easy. On line test from AAT website helps too. But I am also stuck in Computerised Account. I think I'm gonna have to order from training provider. Good luck you two !!!!
  • emma1989emma1989 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm looking into starting AAT level 2 self study but I'm unsure which books to buy. I've seen quite a few second hand books online that are very cheap but I'm wary that the syllabus may have changed and the content might not be relevant. Can anyone confirm if/when the syllabus changed?
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