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AAT Level 2 Module Order

Hey All,

Just signed up to study AAT Level 2 with Kaplan Distance Learning. Everything is set up and ready but the question now is where to begin? I have 5 modules to choose from, any advice as to where is best to start or which should be done before another?

Any advice appreciated!

Many thanks,



  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    edited March 2015
    Processing Bookkeeping Transactions (PBKT) covered by Bookkeeping 1 is where we started, seems to make sense now that we're doing Control Accounts as a lot of content relies on prior knowledge [I'm using Osbourne books though, and don't know if Kaplan are much different]
  • Donna CurlingDonna Curling Feels At Home RingwoodRegistered Posts: 59
    Would definitely link the PBKT straight onto Control accounts. The rest - depends what your history is - if you have used computer accounts no reason not to start there, WKAF is quite independent and will again depend on yr work experience - good luck with your study
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
  • CraigH85CraigH85 Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response guys, I have just received a response from my tutor as well and they advise the same. So looks like I will be starting with PBKT this week!

    Thanks again.
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