need help for AAT level2 computerised account

hi all,
I have been doing self study for AAT level 2 and passed 3 papers and here I am stuck with computerised account. I bought second hand books for my passed papers and my question here is is that OK if I continue buying second hand book to study ? Is it just the book or do I need software to download on my computer ? How does it work ? I want to finish all five papers before this month. please help me. Many thanks


  • Donna CurlingDonna Curling Feels At Home RingwoodPosts: 59Registered
    you would require some form of accounting software package to practice ready for exam - sage do have a testdrive area which can be used to practice on -it is only a practice and your time will run out so be careful. Alternatively QuickBooks and other packages VT Accounts are acceptable, just make sure the assessment centre has ability to let you sit your exam on other packages.
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
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