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In my course notes for Level 2 Computerised Accounting module it says if I do the sample assessment on the AAT website it will mark what I've done and tell me whether I'm competent or not. However, when I try to upload what I've done it just says "unable to use manage uploads from a packaged exam", so when I click finish nothing happens.

Is the button broken or am I misinformed?


  • AGI2015AGI2015 Posts: 45Registered
    edited March 2015
    The sample assessment can`t be marked by AAT website. You need your tutor help or you can compare your answers with the answer folder . Unfortunately this exam has to be marked by someone, it isn't computer based exam;/ I had the same problem...
    Anyway good luck with your exam!
  • ChristianBChristianB AAT Online Community Coordinator Posts: 201Registered
    Hi @akilahdale

    We're unsure as to why you received that error. Possibly something to do with your connection or the file size of the document.

    @AGI2015 is correct however; you will not receive any form of grading or mark as the CBP sample assessments are purely a tool to prepare you for how the assessment will run, as they have a human marked element. CBTs, however, will return a pass or fail in their feedback as they are completely computer marked.

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