Bpp free sage software but I'm on mac...

Hello all,
Ive just started AAT level 2 at BPP and received a copy of Sage Instant Accounts 2013, but it isn't mac compatible. any insights or workarounds that can be used would be appreciated.


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Posts: 645Registered
    Borrow a Windows laptop or go into BPP to practice would be by far the easiest option.

    Various Windows emulators for Macs are available - Google.

    I'm pretty sure Sage don't do a Mac version of Instant Accounts.
  • charlenebbcharlenebb Settling In Nicely Posts: 38Registered
    Why don't you get Parallels on a free 30 day trail. Then you could use the Sage instant accounts on this and see how you like it. I use Parallels on my I-mac for Sage and I have the best of both worlds PC and iMac
  • deanquartermainedeanquartermaine Posts: 1Registered
    Why not use a VirtualBox and download a 90 day trial VM of Windows and use that, worked for me :)
  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesPosts: 465Registered
    ...or you could buy SAGE One for the duration of the unit - check with SAGE for student deals. SAGE One is just as acceptable as SAGE 50 as it produces all the reports you need to pass this assesmsent. This is cloud based software and you would only need to pay for the amount of time you use it.
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