Computerised accounting results

Hello :)

I have just taken the computerised accounting exam on Tuesday and I was just wondering for anyone who had taken it how long it would be to get the results back.

Thank you.


  • Donna CurlingDonna Curling Feels At Home RingwoodPosts: 59Registered
    it should be a 2 week turn around however these have been known to take longer. Sometimes if documents uploaded incorrectly it can delay marking.
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
  • ambzdee94ambzdee94 Posts: 4Registered
    Hi, im learning AAT with my local college they said to me it could take upto 6 weeks to get my results
    AAT Level 2 :)

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  • JoshJ1992JoshJ1992 Posts: 75Registered
    I think it could be somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks as i think its marked locally by your provider with resilts being sent to AAT. I would ask your tutor if unsure. Results will also show on myaat once they have been released.
  • Ellie0203Ellie0203 Posts: 6Registered
    It took 4 weeks for my results to come through, they was on late in the evening on a Saturday
  • zeeshan002zeeshan002 Posts: 1Registered
    I would ask your tutor if unsure. Results will also show on myaat once they have been released.
  • amy256amy256 Posts: 32Registered
    Do these results differ to the others we have taken at Level 2?? We received our marks straight after for every exam we have had so far
    AAT Level 3 :)
  • RosieCarlisleRosieCarlisle Greater ManchesterPosts: 60Registered
    I'm waiting for my Computerised Accounting results - Eagle (my training provider) are marking mine, and said it should be about a week (up to two weeks maximum).
  • hasanhasan West YorkshirePosts: 65Registered
    wait till you get onto level 4 ISYS PROJECT
  • charbarcrazycharbarcrazy Posts: 7Registered
    Mine took just under two weeks :)
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