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Sage certification + Computerised Accounting Level 2

Hi everyone,

I'm self studying AAt Accounting Level 2 and I am just about to do the online Sage Certification exam. I have to register for the sage certification first, I've got the Serial Number but it's also asking for an account number. Does anybody know where can I find it. I've already checked everywhere and it's nowhere to be found...
And one more question. "I'm quite confused" If I'll pass this one do I still need to do the computerised accounting bit with a training provider or just send the certification to AAT. I've called one of the training providers and I've been told that I have to book a two week course (which is another £350 on the top of the whole £900 package + £60/each exam) which I don't want to. I just want my exam to be marked, I don't need any course as I am quite good in it.

Help Pleeeeaaaase !!!

Thank you


  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Sage certification is no longer accepted, this changed a few years ago I understand, do call AAT to clarify too. You don't need to do a course as such but you need a provider to mark your exam. Kaplan and BPP are open to external students and you could ask if they are able to mark your exam after taking it at their exam centre. If not, first intuition offer this course with marking I expect, do call them to confirm but the exam fee itself isn't included, for £175 - the cheapest I could find for this module. You don't need to stick with your current provider, which sounds much more expensive than most. L2 is usually around £600 plus exams (at Kaplan for example are £50-56), this includes the computerised accounting module and marking.
  • anitaaat6anitaaat6 Registered Posts: 4
    Thank you for your reply. I've already paid for the course, I just thought when I was buying the course that all exams will be the same price. It was saying 5 courses/£60 each. I already rung bpp and they said first I need to do the online exam than I can sit the CA with them (£320+2 week course). That's why I'm confused. Why would they say so if sage certification is no longer accepted?? I'll definitely need to ring AAT and also find another training provider. Thank you for your help :-)
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Perhaps the course is a L2 plus sage certification. The latter being very good to include on your CV despite it being mostly a repeat of the CA course. But £320 for CA is a lot, I presume you haven't paid for this bit and this is on top of the £900 for the rest of the course. Kaplan is cheaper for exam sittings in future although providers such as premiere and eagle are often mentioned as cheapest for the actual course. I self studied so can't recommend any personally but do shop around as it varies a lot.
  • winterjasminewinterjasmine EdinburghRegistered Posts: 15
    Sorry I can not help as I have the same problem when I tried to register my Sage Instant 2014. I have totally no idea about Sage Certification. Do we have to do this Sage Certification? Is it part of AAT level 2 exam? I thought I just need to pass the exam on Sage software at college/training provider.
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