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Is Sage Certification part of Level 2 study?

winterjasminewinterjasmine EdinburghRegistered Posts: 15
Hi everyone,
I am studying for my AAT level 2 certificate in accounting(Open leaning). Already passed 4 exam, now the last to go---Computer accounting system.
I got my Sage copy from local college. The leaflet in the pack says : if you have purchased a self study product ,you will nee to activate your online account before sitting your exam for Sage Certification.

Is this Sage certification part of Level 2 ? or it is a separate certifate? what should I do so that I can sit the exam in college and get my AAT certificate ?

Contact college already, but no response. Any suggestions appreciated. Many thanks.


  • winterjasminewinterjasmine EdinburghRegistered Posts: 15
    There are two registration options for my Sage software(in the packet):
    1. register software to continue to use it.
    2. register for my Sage Certification.

    When I registered in the college , i registered to study for AAT level 2. Nobody told me about Sage certification when I registered , or when I ordered the Sage software from the college.

    Now really confused. Exam booked in early June already.Pleaaaase , any suggestions ?!?
  • winterjasminewinterjasmine EdinburghRegistered Posts: 15
    I might wait for 5 working days for answer from tutor.
    5 working day is college standard reply time.....
  • winterjasminewinterjasmine EdinburghRegistered Posts: 15
    Anyone passed this already?

    Thank you very much.
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Sage certification is different to the AAT computerised accounting. You should have an exam for the AAT bit. They used to accept sage certifications instead of this exam but this changed, I'm not aware it's changed back but you can call AAT to find out. You could do the certification on the software you've got too, if possible, this will be another thing to put on your CV.
  • JustonlyouJustonlyou Registered Posts: 4
    Which level is for the Sage certification you are talking about? I think Sage Level 2 is just slighly higher than the AAT computerised accounting. It would be a plus if your Sage certificate is at Level 3.

    Yes, to confirm - they are different.

  • winterjasminewinterjasmine EdinburghRegistered Posts: 15
    Thank you very much Ariadne and Justonlyou.
    Yes, you both are right. I checked with my tutor and I only need to sit my AAT computerised accounting....
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