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Level 2 certificate without enrolling with a course provider (i.e. self study) question

In brief, my question is: is it possible to study the Level 2 Certificate in Accounting through a self-study pathway. Will I be able to sit all of the exams required to attain a level 2 certificate in accounting without enrolling in a course?

Although I understand that this question has been previously answered, those that I have found date back a good 2 years at least and the answers they give vary.

Does anyone have any hands on experience registering for and sitting exams without enrolling with a course provider?

Thanks for the help.


  • Denk15Denk15 Registered Posts: 2
    Yup, I'm currently doing the AAT Level 2 through self study

    I found a local test center through the AAT website and contacted them asking if they accepted outside students, which they do. So Now I just study at home and when I'm ready I contact the test center to see when the next exam slot is and book it.

    I haven't had to enroll with them or anything, and they only charge per exam I take

    Hope that helps
  • georginamerrickgeorginamerrick Registered Posts: 1
    I am currently self studying Level 2 from Osborne Books. So far so good.... there is plenty of information in the books and the AAT website so its not a struggle at all.

    My local college is the venue for my exams as they take External students.

    Id say go for it !
  • coolhandflexcoolhandflex New Member Registered Posts: 20
    Hi all. I have 2011 Osbourne Basic Accounting Tutorial and Workbooks. Are these books still relevant or do I need to purchase more up to date ones ? Thanks
  • coolhandflexcoolhandflex New Member Registered Posts: 20
    Anyone ?
  • DDOROURKE123DDOROURKE123 Registered Posts: 62

    You need to purchase new ones, 2013 Osbourne Books

    it gets updated every 3 years but I'm not sure how much actually changes
  • coolhandflexcoolhandflex New Member Registered Posts: 20
    Thanks for the reply. Do you think buying the Basic Accounting Tutorial and Workbooks are the best entry point books for Level 2 AAT ?
  • uncleguruuncleguru Registered Posts: 1
    I have asked a local test centre (Pitman) and they are asking for a AAT ID. I have tried signing up online but AAT want a training provider ID. How do I get round this? I would like to get AAT Level 2 before Sept if possible so I can enrol at college to do level 3.
  • maxstuartmaxstuart Registered Posts: 6
    did you ever work around this is I'd be interested to know
  • SketchbexSketchbex Registered Posts: 12
    Just to clarify do you have to register with a trainer by for the exams or do I only have to speak to the exam centre directly?
  • AC88AC88 AAT Student Posts: 44
    edited May 2017
    @Sketchbex No, you do not need a trainer to do the course. Just the books which you can buy from literally anywhere:

    Then just pay for the exams yourself, prices vary only slightly but this should give you a good idea: http://financial.kaplan.co.uk/TrainingandQuals/Accountancy/AAT/Pages/computer-based-tests.aspx

    Hope this helps
  • SketchbexSketchbex Registered Posts: 12
    I don't mean so sound slow but I should technically be able to contact any centre that provides the exams and they will take me as an external student?
  • AC88AC88 AAT Student Posts: 44
    Yes, anywhere that has the exams will take you as an external student, the above was just an example
  • SketchbexSketchbex Registered Posts: 12
    You are a star, looks like I'm going to dive into this.
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    That's good to know for when I do level 3!
    Save me £50 a month!!
  • martinf93martinf93 Registered Posts: 4
    I'm looking to do this now, quick question with self study? Do I have to buy Sage 50? As this is looking to be more expensive than signing up to a home study course?
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    You could just use the Free months trial, rather then paying for a certain amount of time.
  • muzafar786muzafar786 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi I'm studying level 2 foundation in accounting. Would like to know where is it best to gain some experience with an accounts assistant role ?
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