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Self study breakdown of procedure and cost help

Dilemma65Dilemma65 Registered Posts: 1
Hello all, I was hoping I could get some advice from you all.
I am looking into self study for AAT LvL 2.
I have no previous accounts experience but wish to self study as a cheaper option and for better flexibility as I'm also enrolled on a degree course (non accounting) and will be starting my second year this October.
My aim is to work self employed once I've finished all the AAT Levels (im aware it may take a while to build up a client base but there's no rush for me there).
Basically I was just hoping someone could advice me of how self study would work?
I'm aware I can do the computerised module through Kaplan but otherwise does each module end in an exam? And does anyone know how much it works out at to self study?
Would I require a copy of Sage?

Thanks in advance


  • louise dlouise d Just Joined Registered Posts: 10
    Each module does end in an exam. If you are going to go with Kaplan for your computerised accounting module, it will probably be simplest for you to do the exams at your nearest Kaplan centre, as they accept external candidates. When you sign up with Kaplan for the computerised accounting, a copy of Sage is part of what you pay for. I'm doing it exactly the way you are planning, and I've reckoned on £100/module for books, exam fees, travelling for exam, but the computerised one was more with going with Kaplan - my advice would be to go with the cheapest distance learning option, as their text book is excellent, and you get good email support from the tutors, so I don't think any of the extras are necessary (she says, really hoping she passed the exam she did last Wednesday!). Good luck.
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