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Data rebuild problem with Window 10

Hi everyone,
I don't know if anyone here struggle the same problem as mine. I just upgraded to Window 10 2 days ago and now i can't rebuild my data to start new exercise. It was absolutely ok when i used Window 7. Can anybody help.

Many thanks



  • StuartWStuartW Online Community Manager LondonRegistered Posts: 472
    Hi @AnhIngleston

    You may have resolved this issue now, but just in case you haven't - and for the reference of others who find this post - below is the response I had from an AAT member on this topic via email.


    When installing Windows 10 users have two options: upgrade or clean install. If you choose clean install, all your data and applications will have been moved into a windows.old folder which therefore makes it all a little more difficult to find.

    If you observe the right disciplines in folder and file management then, if this is what has happened, you just need to sort out a new structure and then transfer the data back, assuming you can find it all. If you've been a bit cavalier with your structures, as many of us are, then it will take longer but the data will all be there.

    Early reports suggest that upgrading to Windows 10 has resulted in fewer problems than previous Microsoft developments. However, our IT support staff are continuing to advocate a six-month wait before upgrading to Windows 10 for business machines, and that is what we are doing.


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