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Career change advice

Hi all. I have a background in Banking and Finance going back over 10 years now and due to a few factors I have decided to get into a career in Accounting, mainly I would like to be self employed and also my wife wants to go self employed in her field as a Health professional, so me gaining the appropriate Accounting qualification will be an advantage.

A bit of my background. I was made redundant from my Job in Finance a few yrs ago, and as I used to travel a lot, I saw it as opportunity to start my own business either in a Finance or Accounts based industry and also to spend some time with my family who I never used to see that often. I am thinking of retraining by taking the AAT qualification and at the same find a job, be it Volunteering or getting a Jnr role to help me get some experience, as I am fully aware that by just doing the qualifications will not guarantee a job if you do not have some experience behind it.

The main aim in the long ran will be to progress to ACA OR ACCA and be able to go self employed. I am currently 45, so really time is of the essence. I have found a provider who will offer the L2 for £639, however having read here on the forums, I have noted that it can be done without a provider. If I can self study and take the exam externally, I will get a provider for the L3 and L4. I will be grateful however if anyone can advice me on which route to take and also what my options are considering my age. Thank You..


  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    That sounds a pretty good deal. Mine was around £1100 (luckily work paid for it). With your finance and banking background I think you'd find L2 very easy and have no trouble doing it without a provider, except to book the exams and computer module.

    Although I had the benefit of some past papers the AAT resources were also pretty good for revision. The Osbourne books were also pretty good, though the SAGE and Costing wasn't so well explained. I learned more on Bank Rec by watching youtube videos!

    I'm 46 and doing it as a recognisable qualification in case I get turfed out in the next office restructure. L3 is over £2000 in Cambridge and I'll be paying (as moved jobs) so worth saving money where you can.
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