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I know we all want to do as well as possible for our exams, but does everyone aim to get 'exceeded' in all areas or just try to do enough to pass? Not sure if I'm wasting valuable time trying to get the best I can.


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    I will try to respond to your question based on my experience so far.
    First, the passing mark is 70%, which means that you have a strong knowledge on the topic.
    Consequently, the employers know that AAT is very respected and has got high standards.
    I have got many "exceeded" in several topics although I never meet out of all it, just have deemed as Met. One thing which my tutor said to me was to have a good understanding of the subject.
    To finalise, do not try to exceed every single topic, try to have the understanding how the system works out.
    God Bless you and may your dreams come true.
    P.S Feel free if anything may arise.
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    Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins
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