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Hardest Level 2 Exam?


Could anyone who has completed the AAT Level 2 suggest which was the hardest exam?



  • DarmusDarmus Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Kyle - I think this will probably be down to strengths. I assume you're approaching exam time in Level 2 which puts you in a similar position to me. Personally I think the exam which I will find easiest will be the Costing exam as working with numbers is my forte. I've no doubt some people will find this the most difficult. Alternatively, my biggest weakness will no doubt be simple to others.

    Which module have you found most straight-forward? Which have you struggled on?
  • tylerr345tylerr345 Registered Posts: 18

    I recently took my Level 2 Costing exam which for me was my strongest and i found it rather easy.
    However, coming up I have my BOPE exam of which I am not looking forward to at all but merely because it's my weakest subject.

    Like Darmus said, it all comes down to which subjects you find easest and hardest!

    Good luck!
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