Have you ever experienced gender discrimination at work?

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I am looking for some feedback from members to help with a campaign the PR team is working on.

We are conducting research into gender discrimination experienced by people who work in accounting and finance. The research is intended to lead to a media campaign, where AAT will talk to the media about what employers can do to help minimise gender discrimination, and what employees can do if they feel they are suffering gender discrimination at work.

Our media team would like to speak to any of our members who feel that they have experienced gender discrimination or have examples of everyday sexism at play. We are also interested in hearing from people who have made career changes to further their career, improve their work / life balance and/or raise a family to show some positive examples from people who've made it work.

Please can you email prteam@aat.org.uk with your examples? You can share your experience with us in confidence and we will anonymise your story and your identity if you prefer.

Thank you so much
Nicky (AAT PR Manager)
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