Accounts Prep AP1 - Accruals & Prepayments

Adele69 Registered Posts: 320
Is there any online resource which explains this topic well?

I've been through the BPP chapter on it, and thought I picked up a bit of it, at least knowing which were asset and liabilities, which reduced and which increased the income or expense account (that was a couple of weeks or so).

I still need to go through revision properly, and now know this will be the main topic to focus on as I just tried going through the AAT elearning module on it and got every question wrong, until I abandoned it, no point getting more depressed than already am. All the other elearning modules in AP1 were pretty easy

Edit: Looks like the AP1 webinar focusses on this area, or part of it and the financial statements, suppose that's something
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