Hi, I am starting my Level 2 AAT course next. If any one selling full set please message me. And the newest edition, please Thanks


  • michaelc131093michaelc131093 Posts: 10Registered

    You can buy my level two and 3 set if you would like ?
  • maxstuartmaxstuart Posts: 6Registered
    Hi Michael, did you sell your level 2 books as I would be very interested in buying these if available? I am a novice to accounting and finance but have been working in sales and admin for 10 years. I've just finished 2 years of Open University so I don't see the motivation to self study as a problem. Do you have all the books I need to Level 2?
  • michaelc131093michaelc131093 Posts: 10Registered
    Hi Max,

    Yes I have all the books which I do not use. They are really good and are produced by Kaplan Financial. The books cost £18 to buy so I would sell them to you for £12/b + PP.
  • Jules18Jules18 Settling In Nicely Posts: 102Registered, Tutor
    Just a thought - remember that there will be a new syllabus this September as 2016 standards come in. Make sure that the texts you buy will match them unless you are starting before this on 2013 standards.
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