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Gaining experience whilst studying Level 2?

guide_vocalguide_vocal Registered Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

I'm studying AAT Level 2 and want to gain some accounting experience.

I'm constantly seeing jobs wanting experience, yet how are we supposed to get experience in the first place?

I've already written to 8 accountancy firms in my area (Dudley), explaining my situation and had a response from 1, who said they didn't have any spaces but would let me know if they did.

I'm also looking to relocate to Liverpool and wrote to another 9 explaining that I finish my AAT Level 2 in July and would like to get an accountancy role once I've finished and then go on to study Level 3. Got one response asking for my CV, which I sent but haven't heard anything else.

Can't say I'm not trying!

Anyone got any advice?

Thanks in advance,



  • HashtagIvinHashtagIvin Registered Posts: 2
    It's a long shot, have you considered..Charities? volunteer your skills to Charities, this would be a prime way of gaining that invaluable experience and equally a fresh reference.

    The only alternative way to gain that 'experience' is by applying for apprenticeships and as they now do 19-24 and 25+it caters to all groups.

    Kind regards & many thanks
  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 782
    I second charity work. It shows commitment and allows you to gain relevant experience. www.do-it.org is a good place to start.
  • guide_vocalguide_vocal Registered Posts: 3
    I already do voluntary work with my local Citizens Advice. I didn't think I'd be suitable for apprenticeships as I'm 28 and have a university degree already
  • HashtagIvinHashtagIvin Registered Posts: 2
    I can understand that if you're below the minimum requirements for a person specific role, but I have not yet heard of an 'over qualified rule' for entry to apprenticeships? If you are willing to go back a step and accept terrible monies for the experience and get out of this catch 22.

    I would suggest giving the apprenticeship helpline a call and simply asking out right whether you can pursue this route, if you can I'd highlight recommend it. You'll probably gain more knowledge of how an accounts office works with being paid a low wage.

    I was 24 when I became an apprentice, continued through to 25 doing level 3. Without being paid terrible wages (around 2.65ph back then) I did not have the determination to push as far as I did. There's always a silver lining because you will become extremely employable and valuable to any employer.

    I hope you this helps.

    Kind regards & many thanks
  • SusanCSusanC AAT Student Posts: 23
    It's the qualification, not the age that excludes you. If you already have a degree you can't do an apprenticeship. (I checked recently as I'm in the same boat.)
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