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AAT Level 2 Self Study

Seen a couple of posts on here about people going into self study. I've become interested in this for the fact that it sounds much cheaper than the online course providers about.
Has anyone got experience of doing this? Which books and resources did you use? Is there anywhere I can go to learn more about self study?
Anything related to self study is very grateful!
Thanks in advance


  • jassikang20jassikang20 Registered Posts: 1

    I'v just started my aat level 2 as a self study student with Kaplan. I think it's a great idea if your determined and have set goals. It is a great way to work at your own speed. I started my Level 2 in March 2016 and i have already passed one exam (basic costing) and have just booked my second exam for PBKT, which i will take in 2 weeks. I am hoping to finish Level 2 by July 2016 before the new programme is introduced. It is a great way to go through quickly, as classroom studies could last up to 12 months. All my study materials are from Kaplan and at the moment i find them very useful. Also the online forums are very good help.

    If your a self driven person then this is a great path to take.
  • SusanCSusanC AAT Student Posts: 23
    I opted for a taught course at a local college. I'm glad I did as I have found Kaplan lacking in depth as well as erroneous on several occasions (sorry Kaplan but I'm not alone in this). I'm totally new to accounts and my tutors have been fantastic, with a wealth of relevant experience to draw on and alternative question banks/examples. I have experienced distance learning with the OU (excellent learning materials) but being able to discuss stuff & get immediate answers face to face with other students & a tutor can not be replaced - even with on-line forums, IMHO. Perhaps if you already work in an accounts department you can ask colleagues but I don't have that as an option, so my tutor & fellow students are valuable resources.
  • BU982TBU982T Registered Posts: 40
    I used BPP texts and they were perfect. I have now completed Level 3 using their texts and again I can't complain. Now I'm working on Level 4 and should be done by the end of the summer at the latest.
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