Computerised Accounting Sample Assessment Task 7 please help?

I am stuck on the sample assessment for Level 2 Computerised Accounting, Task 7(a).

So the question is to enter the transactions into the software and allocate all amounts correctly as shown

The problem is the second one which is 1012.75 for Hart (cheque payment to a supplier), but
the question wants you to allocate it as a Payment of opening balance

I am using Sage Instant Accounts for this. The only transaction for Hart is the opening balance which is 1012.75 credit.
I see no way of getting the software to show this payment as a "payment of opening balance".

You can either post it as "payment on account" or you can't post the transaction it seems... Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Q: How to allocate a payment to a supplier as a "payment of opening balance"?


  • mathewemmathewem Posts: 2Registered
    OK so I got my textbook today and I have discovered how to make it just a payment, which the model answers imply I think is what is required. (You have to use the Pay In Full option).

    So... consider my question answered.
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