Summary of sales invoices

How to enter sales invoices if there are just GROSS, VAT, Net figures but no price and quantity of product???
Also, how to enter product (kitchen furniture for ex.) if there is no price and quantity specified in test paper?
The same is for purchase invoices - no additional values just it says "supplying goods for re-sale". How should that be entered? Another thing is - should I enter a new product "GOODS FOR RE_SALE in addition to Kitchen furniture and Kitchen equipment?? Would be grateful for any help?
Is the real test paper much the same questions as sample mock paper?

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  • g_bonsorg_bonsor Posts: 26Registered
    Hi Tanin,

    Which unit is this for?
  • tanintanin Posts: 4Registered
    It is for Level 2 Computerised (sage 50) accounting
  • tanintanin Posts: 4Registered
    Thank you very much. I am doing some Sage practicing in my training center but in my workbook all the invoices to enter are with quantity and price.
    So, when I add account "Sales - Kitchen Furniture" and enter those invoices i do not need to enter any product quantity and price at all?
  • g_bonsorg_bonsor Posts: 26Registered
    As long as you have been given the Net amount to enter (Or the Gross and then have to work out the Net and VAT) then you do not need to put in the quantity :)
  • tanintanin Posts: 4Registered
    ok. thanks
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