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Introductory Diploma in Accounting and Business vs. Introductory Certificate in Accounting

Hi there,
I've searched and searched but I can't find an answer to my question (probably because the search terms are such broadly used words!)
I'm a complete newbie to all things AAT and have been looking up the various Level 2 courses and it seems to me the Accounting and Business diploma would be the best starting point as it includes payroll.

My question is: Why would anyone /not/ do the Accounting and Business diploma rather than the Certificate in Accounting for Level 2? I don't think I need the courses in basic business dealings (hope not!) but looking at the modules it seems to contain the same and more than the certificate and also seems the best choice for an all round understanding.

I'm not 16-19 (far from it) but I spoke to AAT and they said this was fine. Yet I can't find any talk about this on most forums (including this one)
Can anyone help a poor confused soul? Am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks in advance!
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