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Exam information help please!

ASDjebASDjeb LondonRegistered Posts: 9
hi, i am sitting my first exam on Sunday at the Pitman Training facility in Hammersmith, London.

I am a bundle of nerves!!
I know there is a 2 hour limit and I'm just a bit weirded out as the sample assessments on here have taken me roughly an hour to do (each) and I'm guessing they are shorter then the actual exam??
If so, then i just don't want to tie myself up in knots over time and end up screwing it up because I'm worried about how long it will take me?

Im not good at exams. Especially computer based ones! I prefer paper based.

Also, you are graded immediately correct? does it flash up on the screen (similar to how it did on the sample assessments?) or do i need to flag down an invigilator?

Do i just get up and leave when I'm finished? or flag down an invigilator to leave?
Can i take in a bottle of water?
Do i need my own scrap paper?

I am an organised person and take comfort in knowing the facts and being prepared but i have tried to contact Pitmans constantly over the last couple of weeks to find out this information and they neither pick up their phones or answer their emails.
Any replies would be gratefully received!
Thank you

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  • ASDjebASDjeb LondonRegistered Posts: 9
    Thanks sooooo much for reply, most helpful!!

    Im a very anxious person!
    Ill be better in future once i know the procedure!
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