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Unfortunately I suffer from Dyslexia, I was wondering were this puts me when I comes to AAT Level 2

Right then so in 2014,I went back to college to have another go at my GCSEs and my tutors suggested I sat the Dyslexia Test because I was struggling in my classes.

After I took the test my tutors told me that I am dyslexic. My tutor went on and explained I am entitled to 50% extra time, I refused to except the extra time and at the time I found it humiliating and degrading but now I regret it because I needed the extra time. I only got 1 GCSE (Literature) grade C.

I need to no if I do AAT Level 2 am I entitled to any extra time on tests,exams or assessments.

thank you for your time in responding.

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  • g_bonsorg_bonsor Registered Posts: 26
    I am not 100% sure, but I do believe with dyslexia you should be entitled to extra time, just the same as you are allowed in GCSEs, A Levels, Theory test etc.

    Are you planning on studying via distance learning or using a training provider?

    I am sure that when you apply you will be able to inform them that you would like extra time. I don't see why you shouldn't be entitled to it as you are allowed it for other exams :)
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