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should I read the whole of Bookkeeping 1 Tutorial by Osborne books?

ok so I have just purchased this bookkeeping book and because I don't have any experience in bookkeeping I was wondering if I should read every single chapter and take notes or should I only go through specific chapters.

I also have access to Bookkeeping & Accounting all in one for Dummies. This book covers things like Basic Bookkeeping, bookkeeping day to day.

I was wondering if it is a good idea to read through these chapters and take notes.

I would also like to ask if there is any good free websites that have videos regarding bookkeeping.

Thank you.


  • BenABenA Registered Posts: 56

    Yes, you should read as much material as possible from the publishers you are using (Osborne, Kaplan or BPP). Each book is tailored for each module whereas bookkeeping for Dummies will not necessarily explain things in the way AAT will test you. Having said that, once you have passed your module then do read it because there will probably be more practical explanations. It is one thing passing your exams it is another learning how to do accounts 'in the real world' which is where Dummies may come in use for you.

    Regarding videos there is a YouTube channel called 'bookkeeping master' but the same applies to the Dummies book.

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