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Correct books ? Where should I start ?

coolhandflexcoolhandflex New MemberRegistered Posts: 20
Hi. I wonder if you can help.
I have around 25 years of financial services experience but would like to make a sideways move into the world of accountancy. I have done the Skillcheck Assessment and have been told I am at Foundation level.

I have bought 3 BPP books to get started - Basic Costing, Control Accounts Journals and the Accounting System and Processing Bookkeeping Transactions. I started studying Basic Costing and got part way through until a lot of it was going over my head. I am now going to try Processing Bookkeeping Transcations. I just wanted to check that even without any accountancy experience, I should start at level 2 which is the lowest ? Which book do you think I should start on first in my position ? I notice that Computerised Accounting and Work Effectively in Accounting and Finance are also available ?



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