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I want to self study AAT Level 2. I know you can as I've read plenty of forums and discussions of people saying it's doable, but I need a kind of step-by-step guide of what to do because I'm getting confused!

I know I can buy the books from Osborne. So do I just buy them and start studying? And I know it's best to register with AAT because there are helpful learning resources and you have to be registered to sit exams, but does registering involve paying anything?

I've read a couple of things about issues with not having a training provider if you self-study, does anyone know anything about this?

Could someone just break it down for me haha? Like

1. Register with AAT (Pay...?)
2. Buy books
3. Study modules
4. etc...

I know it's a lot to ask but I just want to make sure I'm doing it right!

Thanks! :)


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    BethanyMary4 - I'm doing the same thing, but have been less sensible than you and have just dived in without taking advice...I've registered so far, and am hunting down some books. I plan to work through these and then book the exams at a local test centre. But I'd be interested in hearing from others if there's a better way. The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is the computerised accounting module and making sure I have access to the right software to learn on...

    Good luck fellow self-study person!
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    Hi BethanMary4!
    I am self - study student and sitting exams at my local collage as their exams fees are less than training provider fees for external students (example instead of £72 fee i paid fee of £57)
    1. Register with AAT - it will cost £129
    2. Buy books
    I found Osborne books very easy to learn from (my native language is not English). If you haven't started to study anything I would advise you to wait until September as new books under AQ2016 will be released.
    3. Study modules
    I usually read book and do tasks in my workbook, then read online materials in AAT website, then Green light tests and as a last one mock tests (all of that is available when you are a student)
    You might struggle studying Computer Accounting Systems unless for this module you will register with training provider as Sage is necessary. Instead of registering with training provider i decided to do Sage certification ( i did buy Sage self - study workbooks. You get Sage software with 180 day access). More info you can find here I bought all 4 stages from ebay for less

    Hope it helps ;)
  • BethanMary4BethanMary4 Posts: 4Registered
    Thank you so much krix, that's really helpful! :) I am going to wait until later in the year before I start.
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    How can I find providers that will accept me as an external student?
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