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AAT Level 2 Exam Breakdown


I'm having troubling understanding which books will relate to which exams once I start self-studying AAT Level 2.

So the exams are


And the Osborne books I plan to buy are

Bookkeeping Transactions Tutorial
Bookkeeping Transactions Workbook

Bookkeeping Controls Tutorial
Bookkeeping Controls Workbook

Elements of Costing Tutorial
Elements of Costing Workbook

Using Accounting Software Tutorial
Using Accounting Software Workbook

Work Effectively in Finance Tutorial
Foundation Certificate Synoptic Workbook

So my question is, after working through which books will I have the knowledge to sit which exams? And what do those exam abbreviations mean?

Thank you!


  • JoshhSwFcJoshhSwFc Registered Posts: 9
    WKAF - Working effectively in accounting and finance.
    PKBT - Processing bookkeeping transactions.
    CJBS - Control accounts, journals and the banking system.
    BCST - Basic costing i believe.
    CPAG - Computerised accounting maybe?
  • BethanMary4BethanMary4 Registered Posts: 4
    Thank you! :)
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