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Trial Balance debit and credit

I am having a bit of trouble with categorising the debits and credits. I understand the ACED and CLI but I wouldn't mind some help (examples) of each. Thank you for any help.


  • JoshhSwFcJoshhSwFc Registered Posts: 9
    This is helpful to a certain extent.

    Debits = DEAD
    Credit = CLIC

    This stands for:

    D = Debit
    E = Expenses
    A = Assets
    D = Drawings

    C = Credits
    L = Liabilities
    I = Income
    C = Capital

  • cleesclees Registered Posts: 33
    Debit Pea
    Credit rsl

    E- expenses

    when i was doing my exams i always jotted down Pearls (Pea/rls) and Dead click and used both to figure out if somthing was a debit or credit

    cant go far rong with using both
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