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Should I wait for new 2016 syllabus?

Hi all!

I'm new here and wanted some advice really. I originally enquired into doing the AAT level 2 course with a local college (evening classes), but at the information session they stated with the high demand there were only limited places and without me having the desirable '5 GCSEs A-C' I'll have to find out if I secured a place through a 'recommendation enrolment letter' which I was told would be sent out late July if successful, I know.....it's rubbish! (Would of been free as well as I'm currently on benefits).

Doubtful I will get a place I'm strongly considering distance learning with a training provider to complete my level 2, I'm impressed with Eagle eduction because they have very good reviews. I wanted to get started straight away but I've found out the new 2016 syllabus is being rolled out in September and I was wondering if I should wait until September to the course?

From what I can tell the new syllabus requires you to complete a new 'synoptic assessment' at the end of the units, the grading becoming pass, merit and distinction....I'm aware the 2013 syllabus is available until Dec 2017 and with one less test (without the synoptic test) a cheaper and easier option.....but would the new syllabus be more favourable to potential employers?

Any input would be highly appreciated!

Thank you!

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