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Have I chosen the wrong qualification


I started on the path of gaining an AAT qualification pretty clueless about what I was hoping to achieve in the long run. Long story short hate my job, 2 small children, helped husband to finance going back to studying to become a teacher.....now its my turn to find what I want to do which is earn money in a job that I don't hate which fits around school hours!

Although I have never worked directly in the finance team, my roles have always involved some elements of finance - payroll, invoicing, some Sage work etc etc. So I chose the AAT Level 2 Accounting qualification as I figured it was a change but not too far from what I already sdo. So far I have completed 3 of the 5 exams with my next one in a couple of days time and I have really enjoyed the work so far, especially the bookkeeping module (I love how its an exact science and an answer is either wrong or right - I studied history at Uni and so an exact science is so refreshing!) . The more I think about what I want to achieve the more I'm thinking about self employed bookkeeping.

If that's something I want to pursue have I chosen wrong? Should I have done the Bookkeeping qualification instead? When I finish Level 2 Accounting (hopefully in about 3-4 weeks) what should I do next? Move onto Level 3 or swap to the bookkeeping now? Any advice at this point would me much appreciated. It may all be a pipe dream and is all still just a nice idea in my head, which I haven't spoken to anyody in the real world about yet, but I'm really hoping I haven't wasted the money and time I've invested by studying the wrong bloody qualification!

I will research this myself when I have more time but I'm currently cramming for my exam, feeding the baby, working and getting the eldest child ready to start school in 2 weeks!

Thanks All


  • PolarisDyasPolarisDyas Registered Posts: 24
    Hi Claire,

    I believe the bookkeeping qualification is simply a 'Shortened' version of the accounting qualification. So from what you've said in your post, you have most likely passed all the bookkeeping exams already (don't take my absolute word for it though).

    Good luck in the remainder of your exams!

    - Pol
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    It seems AAT have changed Study Support as previously I could see all the modules for each study area, and now I can only see the Accounting Qualification L2, L3 and L4 so can't comment on what is actually covered by the Bookkeeping Qualification.

    This seems a bit mean of AAT since it as evidenced by the Unanswered questions it could be months before or even if another AAT member who has done the Bookkeeping Qualification sees your question. There probably is somewhere on the main website where this information is covered but don't find it the easiest site to navigate and the detail is lacking on what is there.


    Level 3 does include bookkeeping modules - most of the Accounting Preparation and Final Statements for Sole Traders and Partnerships would be relevant; and probably Indirect Tax too.
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 545
    @c_arm79 Hi Claire, we'd definitely recommend you finish off Level 2 as everything in there will be relevant for you moving forward. And I don't think you have picked the wrong course because you have discovered a love for bookkeeping which is a good thing!

    As your goal is to self employ as a bookkeeper, after finishing Level 2 you can move onto the Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping (http://youra.at/NjKs7q).

    After that you can apply for AATQB (http://youra.at/dhgIKa) and beyond that apply to become an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper so you can start your own business.
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